OFYR Classic 120 PRO+

78 590,00 Kč

The OFYR PRO+ is specially developed for professional use and bridges the gap between the OFYR 100 and the XL models. It has a large cooking surface that can serve up to 100 people at the same time. Thanks to the handle and wheels, the unit is easy to move around in any outdoor space. This makes the PRO+ ideal for use at events or in a professional kitchen.

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* This model is ideal for professional chefs because of its large cooking surface.
* Available in Corten steel.
* Uses the same amount of wood as the 100 models: 1½ tot 2 OFYR Wood Bags (vol. 72 litres).
* Prepare full meals for groups of 10-15 people or appetizers for up to 100 people at the same time.
* The cone has a burn capacity of about 4-5 hours before the ashes need to be removed.
* Thanks to the wheels and handle the cooking unit is easy to manoeuvre around the outdoor space.
* Combine with the OFYR Cage to create a perfect outdoor cooking unit for events and professional use.


Více informací
Hmotnost plotny 87,5 kg
Afmetingen sokkel 75x75x67 cm
Gewicht kegel 29,5 kg
Gewicht sokkel 56 kg
Materiaal kegel Corten steel
Materiaal plaat Black steel
Materiaal sokkel Corten steel
Plocha plotny 0,88 m²
Průměr plotny 117 cm
Rozměry 117x117x100 cm
Celková hmotnost 173 kg