OFYR Serving Boards Set of 3

4 690,00 Kč

Serve your food in style on the OFYR Serving Boards. This set includes 3 high-quality boards made of teak. The boards have a long handle that is comfortable to hold. The hole at the top of the handle makes it easier to store the boards, by hanging them from a hook in the kitchen. The 3 boards have the same height but differ in the width, making them perfect for serving various types of dishes.

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* Set of 3 different serving boards.
* An antibacterial layer of protection makes the cutting boards more hygienic, easier to clean and safer for food preparation.
* The boards should be cleaned by hand after every use.
* Store in a well-ventilated place after use (avoid drawers and cupboards).


Více informací
Rozměry 55x20x1,8 cm & 55x30x1,8 cm & 55x40x1,8 cm
Materiál Teakwood
Celková hmotnost 2,67 kg