OFYR Kamado Table Black 135 PRO The Bastard

89 090,00 Kč

Expand your outdoor kitchen with an OFYR Kamado Table 135 PRO The Bastard. Apart from a place for your kamado, the table also includes a practical worktop, storage space and tool tray for accessories.

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* Compatible with the PRO collection and OFYR Insert PRO Small, Medium and Large, with or without doors.
* Mobile unit thanks to the handle and wheels. When filled with wood, the unit is more difficult to move.
* Units with concrete worktops can be left outside permanently. Units with teak worktops can be left outside, provided that they are covered and regularly treated with a vegetable oil.
* The Black models require more maintenance than the Corten models. Despite their high-quality coating, they are more susceptible to scratches and damage.


Více informací
Rozměry 165x65x90 cm
Rozměry podstavce 135x65x68 cm
Rozměry pracovní plochy 135x65x90 cm
Celková hmotnost 142 kg