Whereas grilling is often centred around meat, OFYR is also perfect for preparing vegetables, side dishes and desserts. Thanks to a series of accessories, the versatile cooking unit combines all cooking techniques for users to experiment with. OFYR plans some exciting launches in 2021, to further enhance the overall outdoor cooking experience: the launch of a real pizza oven and a cast-iron casserole set. 

More than grilling
More variation, with attention to health

OFYR at the base is a wood-fired, plancha-style hot plate. This cooking technique distinguishes itself for its purity: there no direct contact with the flames, so food does not get fumes from the burnt fat. Thanks to the unique conical design and the shape of the ring, different temperature zones are created, making it suitable for any type of meat, fish, eggs, vegetables or fruits. Vegetable oil is used, leavings and juices seep automatically into the flames, resulting in a bonus show element. The plate itself does not take up flavours.



When we mention accessories, we are not referring to aluminum disposable trays. One unit, together with all available accessories, makes it possible to cook on the hot plate, churrasco like Brazilian grill, traditional grill or use skewers, prepare anything in the cast iron casserole set, slow cook on cedar planks and even bake in a true oven.


OFYR Pizza Oven

The OFYR Pizza Oven consists of a double-sided cast iron plate, a pizza stone placed on top of the cast iron plate and a double steel cloche with the outside rotating around the inside, allowing to determine the size of the opening which makes the heat circulate in the cloche. A pizza shovel completes the experience.


OFYR Rotisserie Set

This rotating spit adds another layer to the OFYR cooking experience. It allows roasting tasty kebabs, chicken, pineapple, or vegetables over the fire. With the hook included, you can even hang your Dutch Oven above the fire.

Cast-Iron Casserole Set

This new OFYR set consists of two sleek cast iron pans with diameters of 21cm and 26cm. They are characterised by perfect heat distribution. A multitude of dishes can be prepared in these casseroles: imagine a delicious chili con carne, ratatouille, bake your own pesto bread or enjoy a cosy cheese fondue or sweet chocolate fondue. You can also prepare soup or hot drinks. 

The chef is part of the group

Cooking turned from a solitary activity into a social one.

With the PRO-line, many chefs around the world have embraced the OFYR concept with their professional activities. The versatility, design and the social aspect of the round cooking unit make it unique for the catering and hospitality sector.Whether there is a professional cooking or a fan at home, both will feel the attractive effect of the flames, uniting guests around the fire, together with the chef. An exquisite starting point for conversation and connection. Thanks to the pleasant warmth of the unit, guests can gather around the fire 365 days per year, in all seasons.