More and more, we are invited to relax and unwind at home or close to home. And to enjoy the outdoors: from long hikes, bicycle rides or water sports to camping and...outdoor cooking. 

Our terrace
is the new kitchen

From cooking units to conceptual outdoor kitchens. 

For many families, the kitchen is the place where we gather, to enjoy breakfast, cook together or discuss the day. It is therefore not surprising that lots of attention goes to the design of this key place in our homes.

As we move more and more to the outdoors, knowing that it has a relaxing, healthy effect on us, the need surges for a concept that brings the design and uniformity to our outdoor kitchens as well.

OFYR is about more than cooking units. OFYR offers a complete outdoor kitchen and furniture concept with many modular features. Butcher blocks, wood storage cabinets, garden benches, Mise en Place Tables and an OFYR Kamado Table allow you to harmonize the look and style of your outdoor cooking space. 

The whole line is available in both corten steel and black, to match any style of outdoor space.



A uniform style for your outdoor kitchen

On wheels

The OFYR PRO-line units and furniture come on wheels. Not only is this practical in use for professionals, but also for those who want flexibility. Imagine your kitchen sheltered in winter and right where the sun is in summer? The mobile setup is also very well suited for terrace maintenance.


Inserts and add-ons

Thanks to the new teak wooden inserts, the storage space of the PRO devices can be transformed into open or closed cabinets.

 In its objective to create a full outdoor kitchen concept, OFYR furniture allows you to easily integrate your existing Kamado, enhancing the uniformed style of your outdoor space. 


360° cooking experience

Outdoor cooking is more than just grilling

OFYR is the versatile cooking unit par excellence. The ring is at the base a plancha-style hot plate, with different temperature zones. But it is much more, thanks to a wide assortment of accessories and add-ons: from a pizza oven, over cast-iron casseroles, skewers or a rotisserie set. OFYR brings all cooking techniques from your kitchen to the outdoors, and more!  Discover them here