Grill Round XL

10 990,00 Kč

This sturdy two-piece grill is ideal for cooking larger cuts of meat on the OFYR cooking unit. Place the grill and stand directly over the flames for a chargrilled taste. OFYR’s cooking plate remains unobstructed so you can cook other dishes at the same time, and with the stand in place even adding more wood to the fire is easy.

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* Add an extra dimension to your OFYR cooking unit by also using it as a real barbecue.
* Very suitable for large pieces of meat but also for vegetables.
* Can also be used to put pans on, even a paella pan.
* When not in use, store indoors to prevent rust.


Více informací
Plocha plotny 4536 cm²
Rozměry Ø80x26 cm
Materiál Black Steel